Tuesday, May 06, 2008

JavaOne, Day 0

Well, today was spent setting up the Altio booth, and it does look better now. We all spent the morning putting things together, replacing a dud network switch, getting blinded by working 4 inches away from the tv screen and watching Tom juggle the Altio balls.

After a fraught speaker training session yesterday when I realised Sun had replaced the words 'JavaScript' and 'Java' with stock phrases, such as 'JavaScript Programming Language' in my presentation titles I had to go and get that sorted out, and then spent the afternoon doing the practice that my session coach recommended: reading each slide out loud 15 times. It was very useful, but after 4 hours doing that yesterday afternoon the combination of talking for that long and jetlag kicking in meant that I could barely think or speak and so I gave in and tried to get some sleep. As Gary and I had started the day early with an insomniac's photography walk around San Francisco I am hoping to get over the lingering jetlag today and be ready for the first full day of JavaOne tomorrow.

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