Friday, May 09, 2008

JavaOne, Day 3

Today was the final JavaOne pavilion day, and it was just as busy as the other days.

We had a visit from a customer, Tom did an impromptu Altio application for an attendee who turned up with his own data file and wanted to see it visualized using the Altio Graph control, we raffled off an Asus Eee to a lucky winner and we got rid of all the remaining Altio stress/juggling balls.

The JavaFX buzz is still the main focus of the show, and we had a few people asking if we were going to support JavaFX and/or the ability to drag applets out of the webpage. We also had an AJAX-based competitor rather unconvincingly declare JavaFX to be 'stillborn', which seemed like an absurd way to describe a technology that obviously has the full backing of Sun and is intended to revolutionize how to create Java applications for the desktop, web or mobile. Couldn't be because AJAX applications are going to start to look under-powered and old-hat very soon could it?

The After Dark party later was outside, which was a bit chilly, but had Smash Mouth as the entertainment, which was pretty cool. I was a bit too shattered to really enjoy it though - it's been a long, but worthwhile week. Shame I didn't get to see any technical sessions - we underestimated the amount of effort to keep the booth ticking over - but hopefully we'll be back next year, and in greater numbers.

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