Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hudson CI game - FAIL

We lost our CVS server for a while today, so Hudson jobs started failing because they couldn't check out the source. Fair enough. However, my attention was drawn to the line 'This build was worth 12730.0 points" line for the failed build, so when I looked at the details I saw this:

So, a failed build awards thousands of points for removing all of our checkstyle and findbug errors, and subtracts 10 points for breaking the build? Not exactly the behaviour I was expecting, and some people I know might see that as an incentive to check in and break the build :-) And what happens when you fix the build - does it subtract thousands of points for suddenly adding a load of errors?


redsolo said...

Hmm, that is not really my intention that should happen. Could you please report it at the http://hudson.dev.java.net/issues tracker? It should be a simple fix.

redsolo said...

Ok, the bug has been fixed, and the plugin has just been released (1.6). This was caused by having an OR where it should be an AND. Oh well, at least now i have some more unit tests. Let me know if it doesnt work out for you!

jim said...

That's great, thanks, I'll install it tomorrow and wait for CVS to fail again :-)