Monday, March 05, 2007

I feel no knead

I feel no knead
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This is the second attempt at a "no kneading" loaf, which is from a recipe originally featured in the NY Times, which also has a great video of how to make it, and has also been reproduced on many, many blogs.

My adventurous food friend Monica originally pointed me at the recipe via her blog, and the video of how to make this looked so easy I had to try it. This is potentially even easier than using our bread machine - it's just the amount of time required that is the only downside, but that can be worked around with a bit of forward planning.

Anyway, the loaf turned out really well - nice and fluffy on the inside and a great chewy crust on the outside: one of my favourite meals in the world is fresh bread with butter, and this is excellent for just that meal.

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