Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Three Week Rule

It's my girlfriend's birthday in about 2 weeks time - she came home last night with her unusually cold hand problem: these aren't just a bit chilly, they look like bits of Arctic explorers' bodies that they then proceed to chop off because they're dead from frostbite.

So, knowing she gets cold hands, I'd got her some of those cool hand warmer packs for her birthday, and so I gave them to her last night as an early birthday present, and she was quite pleased with them.

However, this morning she claims that they don't count as part of her birthday present(s), they were just a surprise gift that is part of the normal boyfriend-girlfriend course of things. I countered with the "Three Week Rule", which is that any present given within 3 weeks of a birthday counts as part of the birthday "package". She argued enthusiastically against this proposal, but I think it's just common sense, and her opinion is motivated by greed on her part.

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