Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Off the train

Well, I did my first big train journey - actually it was only a tiddler journey (30 hours) compared to what's coming up (3 days!) but still, it was an experience.

I traveled from Toronto -> Winnipeg on the Canadian train, and I have to say it was a blast. The train was superb, as old fashioned and "American" as I'd hoped it would be, the staff were great, the food was superb (it was like being in a very good restaurant that happened to be a train) and I met some good people. It would have been nice if the average age of the passengers was a little lower, but still, I felt very young :-)

I met a photography student from Vancouver, and a guy from Manchester on a trip around the world - we ended up drinking the train dry of bottles of "Dark Ale", which was good fun. Plus, I am now *really* good at Sudoku puzzles, although they are significantly harder the morning after an evening on "Dark Ale"...

So now I'm in Winnipeg for a day or so before I get back on the train for the 3 day trek up to Churchill - I don't think that train will be as plush as the Canadian was, but it should still be an experience.

An experience that stays with you too, as since leaving the train 90 mins ago I find I can't sit or stand still without starting to sway in time with the train. Hopefully that will go away soon, as it's a bit weird :-)

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